Key Black.

This illustration is about the dangerous and insidious world of printing. My aim was to represent what it can happen when you print something. The colours are like omnipresent beings, looking over you. You can get close to them, but you’ll never fully comprehend what they do. The K of CMYK (four colours printing) is the Key Black. I think that key black is like a shadow, following everything you do and trying to sabotage your prints. It tries to trick you in any way possible. Then, if you make a little mistake, bananas will be violet and bees will be orange in your prints. And the colours tricked you again. 四の字: this (japanese) represent the tetraphobia, which is the practice of avoiding instances of the number 4 (wiki). It’s a popular superstition in east asian countries. It comes from the fact that in many of those languages, the pronunciation of “four” is very similar to the one for “death”. That’s probably one more reason to be scared of the four-colours printing.