I like the antagonists in most of the stories i know, from movies, books, tv series, animation. Basically every media which tells a story. And i always thought that the evil side has a misterious beauty within itself, just from the fact of being the enemy. There wouldn’t be art history without the good and bad dichotomy. A hero wouldn’t be a hero without a villain. From this feeling, i tried to realize a piece representing the charm and the dark beauty of a fantomatic antagonist. So, mixing together a girl, a oni mask, tattoos and my passion for japanese writing, here it is. A fascinating and a beautiful girl, looking at you with her evil eyes, opening her coat to unleash her powers. This poster has been printed as well, A3 size, and a golden foil has been used to enrich the illustration, giving a shiny evil look to that girl. I really enjoyed working on this, from the main concept to the final realization.